a few things

1. We have been harness-free for a week. I’ve been meaning to create a blog post all week, but we’ve had data issues with our phones and I’ve had issues handling the computer. It’s been a wild week. But we’ve been able to change bebe diapers about 4 times faster than before, and AnnieMer is looking about twice as long as she did. Praise God, from whom all blessings flow!


2 and 3. These boys. They had footy-pajamas-and-wild-hats day. And Aiden was Luigi, but he was shrinkeded, and it’ll be okay because he’ll get taller someday. This picture is of a hat trade. It was a little bit violent. They lurved every minute of it.


4. This girl. I let her “floss her teeth” (tried to keep her from swallowing floss) while I braided her hair. She left the braids in for HOURS. It was definitely a record for us. She grew up the past couple of weeks. And she is magical.


5. You can see a note I posted on Instagram at this link – I’ve got a chance to order better notebooks for the writenow prayer journaling kits at TendingBabylon, without having to up the kit price by $10. But it’s just good for couple of days, so I need an $8 deposit by Monday, December 2, 2012 at 10pm. Aaaannnddd I need to get orders for 10 of them. (It was 20 by Saturday, until I read the email better. I’ve got an abscessed tooth and I’m a crazy person.)

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2 thoughts on “a few things

  1. Yes, I would love to order one! I will pp you money tomorrow. REMIND ME if I forget. I just came back into town and I’m a little out of it! :o)

    • Awesome!! I know how you feel… I’ve had an abscessed tooth and am on an antibiotic that has me feeling sort of loopy. Not sure if that’s just being busy catching up or if it’s really the medicine, haha.

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