catching up

Did you know it’s February now? Yeah. Crazy, right?

My elder daughter turned 2 yesterday. I’m not sure how I feel about this. I’m excited, because she’s growing up and is such a remarkable young person. I’m sad, because time goes and … I intend to do things that don’t happen.

We had a good day. Balloons, glow axes (yes.), candy (!!!), strawberries, lemon pound cake, so much more. There was even some nap action. Inaction. Nap inaction.


Today has been a good day, too. I’ve been reading in my Bible. We’ve cuddled and laughed. Annie’s trying to take a nap on the couch; the boys are sitting with her. She’s getting a little jostled. But it’s fine.

It’s fine because we keep growing as a family. Annie’s four months old and we’re used to her BEING HERE, and now we’re slowly getting used to considering her as a person. A real person, with real wants and needs and opinions. As I watch her, and as I watch Brennan, my mind is blown. The past two years… wow. I keep thinking back and back and back, and comparing then with now. Aiden has been helping to calm Annie when she’s fussy. Quinn lost a tooth Saturday night!

Life is beautiful. We make good choices, we make bad choices, we deal with consequences. Life events can be exhausting, and the daily grind can be frustrating. But I have a fresh chance every day (every minute!) to turn my face to the light and do what is good and right.

AAANNNDDD NOW it’s time for wrangling. Theme: “Why do we have to do school? I don’t want to learn on purpose. This is stupid.”

Yay Monday!!

2 thoughts on “catching up

  1. Loved this post. Loved it. I need to turn my face to the light. Every minute. 🙂 and my kids definitely don’t want to learn on purpose…and I’m no fun, so that makes for an interesting homeschool situation. 🙂

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